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For promotional and advertising purposes, T-shirts printed with company images are widely used. T-shirts printed with logos and advertising slogans can be used as overalls, souvenirs, or gifts for staff. A high-quality and stylish T-shirt can be a good gift item for promotions held by your company. Printing companies employ a variety of methods to better serve our customers. Because you can personalize and make items unique, custom-made printing is becoming increasingly popular. With advanced equipment and experienced workers, Cincinatti screen printing experts guarantee the impeccable quality of the finished product, the brightness and richness of colors, their high resistance to fading. No matter the volume or complexity of orders, we can guarantee reliability and efficiency in order fulfillment. Professionalism and modern equipment are used to produce high quality products. We also offer attractive prices and flexible discounts for wholesale customers.

Now when you know motives to use t shirt printing Cincinnati services. T-shirts are a garment that requires constant washing, especially in the summer. A T-shirt can be washed at 60 to 90 degrees Celsius depending on its material. This strategy is not always suitable for T-shirts with pictures. After washing T-shirts at high temperatures and high washing speeds, printing can cause cracks and peeling. The washing conditions will determine whether the print can be removed or if the product shrinks.
Iron the image only. After 24 hours of production, a customized piece can only be washed. It takes time for the paint to adhere to the product. Select the wash mode. Wash in cold or warm water (no higher than 30-40 deg), turning inside out, with or without spinning by hand. Hand washing is preferred. Consider the material of the products. Natural fabrics such as wool, linen or silk shrink at high temperatures and lose their shape when automatically dried or hung up vertically. Both synthetic and artificial fabrics are sensitive to hot water so they should only be washed at cool temperatures. In addition, many powders contain additives that are ineffective at high temperatures. Do not bleach and use products for a gentle, delicate wash. Shape while drying. When drying clothes outdoors, avoid direct sunlight to keep the print bright. Click to hire services of experienced tshirt printing Cincinnati.
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